There is a lot going on here right now. I’ve started to change around small things in my daily routines and hope they’ll soon gain momentum. I’ve achieved nothing big, it’s all tiny steps but I’ve learned from former mistakes. I can’t have everything at once. You have to take life’s challenges one step at a time and that’s what I’ll do.

For the moment, I’ve set myself four goals, two of them regarding my eating habbits and two of them regarding general organisation in my life.

#1 Track all food eaten every day to get an idea of where the pitfalls are and what excactly needs to be changed around for a healthy (and for the beginning, weight-loss supporting) diet.

#2 Track water consumed. Aim at at least 2 l a day.

#3 Track money spend,  and by that I mean: every single cent. My money runs out like there’s no tomorrow and I’m determined to stop that.

#4 Don’t go to bed before the kitchen is tidy and shiny. A messy kitchen usually is what leads me to skip breakfast or not prepare decent meals.  So this obstacle has to be removed by habit, too.

For the first two weeks, I think this is enough to take on. Once I developed routines there, I’ll have time to think about new ones. Also, in about two weeks time, term break starts, which basically means I’m a lot more free when it comes to organising my days.

Concerning my daily water intake, I finally bought a waterfilter. I usually do drink tab-water. It’s good quality, but the problem is that it’s extremely calciferous, which lead to a strange taste. Filtered, it’s great though, and so much cheaper than bottled water. Better on the environment, too. What I need to do next is buying a decent reusable water bottle, I’m sick and tired of those plastic bottles. They get pretty yuckie fast plus are also not excactly green.

The other thing that’s ahead is that I finally decided to get myself a bio-box. That’s basically a weekly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from a nearby farm. It’s not really more expensive than buying the stuff in store, it’s very likely to be better quality plus it’s deliverd regularly to my place. You can’t argue with that. I just don’t know when I’ll start to order the box yet, because I’ll be away for two or three times during the next month. But it’s definitely comming.

I shared my goals with a friend today, who’ll check back on me every now and then to keep me under controle and on track.

I’m determined to make those changes work, and to take the right decisions along the way.


10.07original sources at vi.sualize.us

I’m all out of clever things to write about. I actually do have some ideas sketched on my notebook, but I lack time and concentration to really come up with something worth reading, so I thought I might as well leave you with some inspiring pictures. I lately discovered vi.sualize.us, which really comes in handy to store all the nice pictures one finds spread across the net in one place without making one’s hard drive a total picture mess. A nice tool, especially for blogging people.

Since it’s all grey and rainy and windy outside, I was looking for pictures with a warm, summery athmosphere, so I might at least imagine it was a cozy summer night.


jean seberg1

I’ve lately fallen in love with Jean Seberg.

Her tragic history saddens me, though. I like just to look at her and imagine her happy.

rainy day

It’s all grey and rainy outside. Which doesn’t really matter because I’ll have to work. Of course I procrastinated for 90 minutes longer than I wanted to and am just about to start some serious work.

But what can you do when Polyvore is asking for your attention? It’s my personal way of scrapbooking and I’ll for sure take this one into my lookbook and make a nice scrap-page out of it. Tonight!

I’d rather cuddle up on the sofa with my book and a can of tea, but what can you do when duty is calling?

I love my studies. So finnishing this essay is NOT a burden. I just have to remind myself of that every now and then.

But well, there you go: let’s beat the rain in style!



picture by Xintia @ deviantart

Is it vainity to think about your looks and your style a considerable amount of the day, to try to look your best every day and to get rid of those flaws that annoy you?

I know I spend a lot of time thinking about the way I look and I know as well, that I’m not too happy with it atm because, as mention in earlier posts, there is much about me and my style that I’m not satisfied with. So you might think: Why bother if it makes you unhappy? It’s not important anyway. It’s not the way you look but who you are that matters. It’s what you do that matters, not how you look while doing it.

One of my favourite quotes from Batman begins is, when Rachel says to Bruce:

“It’s not who we are underneath, it’s what we do that defines us.”

But that’s excactly the point. What we do might not be visible at first notice. If who we are is only expressed by our actions, then a hell of a lot of people will never get as much as a glimpse of our real self. Which would be sad. It would rid us of a lot of possibilities to meet people who could have been attracted by our real self, had they only been able to see it.  I’m not referring to looking like Heidi Klum or any other super-beauty. I’m referring to being yourself entirely. In thinking, in action and in appearance.

Everyone tells us to be ourselves. Everyone says that, once you are true to yourself, you will be happy and look good. But rarely do they refer to your looks. They say, what’s inside will reflect to the outside. That’s true. But wouldn’t it be nice to help that reflection a bit, to not only have it at the surface somehow, but have it sparkeling?

I have undergone major personality changes during the last five years, first and foremost getting to terms with my long-term depressions and finding an outlook on life, gaining perspective and worthwile future plans to pursue. What I’ve failed to achieve so far, is transporting this person that I have become to the outside. I’m sending mixed signals, I’ve not yet managed to be true to the woman I’ve become towards other people. They still see the harsh young woman who I used to be some time back. I’m a mix and match of things I thought I might want to be or that might suit me. But I’m not what I want to be. Because I don’t know what that is.

That’s the point where thinking about your own personal style comes in. If you want to reflect who you really are, you need to sit back and think again. Who am I? What am I doing? Where do I see me in life? What are my strength, my weaknesses, what makes me special and how do I want to be perceived?

I’ll dedicate this summer to a make-over. I’ve joined sparkpeople.com for the outward and health-related changes. I’ll continue my musings on fashion and style here and within my lookbook, a notebook that I did create with Evernote on my PC. I love the idea of having a collection of pictures, texts, quotes and ideas that are essentially you, essentially your style and taste, in a unique combination that only you could have designed. This idea has been inspired by the wonderfull Charade and her blog.

By the end of this summer, beginning of next term at university, I’ll hopefully be able to say: look at me, because what you see is what you get!

I truly love books. They are good for so many things. Right now, I’m doing some escapist-reading, being unsatisfied with a number of things and just wanting out. Since that doesn’t work (and latest by tomorrow morning I REALLY will have to get up and finnish my essay), I indulge in the newest Candance Bushnell novel.


Famous since Sex and the City, she really has a knack of depicting stereo-types and turning them into interesting and sometimes even loveable characters that mimick (and mock) society. I haven’t read any of her books before but I’m pretty sure I’ll catch up on that.

Whether you’re in need of some hours off from your life in general or need a light read for holidays – this book is just about right for either occassion.

summer dresses

Every year, the place I come from holds a three-days summer feast. This year, I’ll be going home for that for the first time in ages. Now, the place I come from is a tiny little village in the country side, where fashion really isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. Since it’s in the middle of july, I expect warm summer weather. So I thought, well, perfect opportunity to wear a cute, simple flowery summer dress. Now there’s the big BUT: it seems impossible to find one. All dresses I’ve come across so far are either totally over the top, have horrible patterns or are just waaaaaaaay to short. I’m not Kate Moss. And I really don’t want to wear a dress that I can’t even sit down in without fearing that everyone will get a look at my panties. And no, I’m no friend of leggins either, so that wont work.

I don’t understand what’s so difficult about tailoring nice summer dresses. What I’m looking for is basically a dress without sleeves, nicely flowing, A-line skirt, some little details around the neck to draw attention away from my mid-section, about knee-length, no spaghetti straps. I found a pretty one at Nordstrom that fullfills all my requests. But shipping a dress for about 90$ from the US is just not an option. Eventhough it IS pretty…


Drop dead gorgeous.

I recently rediscovered my undying love for Scandinavia when I ventured through various blogs dedicated to designe and interiors.

I grew fond of the scandinavian interior style some years ago when I lived in Stockholm / Sweden for several month. It’s clean and simple yet decorated with care and love for detail. The most important feature however is light.  I realised only lately that I my own place reflects the scandinavian basics quiet well, which on the one hand, might result from the fact that all my furniture comes from Ikea, but it’s also personal taste. Right now, I’m looking for some more decoration to give the place a bit more personal note.


picture by: Sofie Andersson

picture by: Sofie Andersson

picture by: Sofie Andersson

picture by: Sofie Andersson

But I’m also quite fond of  British interiors. I spent hours at the book store last week, flipping through coffee table books. Maybe I’ll be able to combine the two a bit.

On the other hand, I keep on thinking it’s not worth really investing too much into this place because in maximum three years I will move out of here, very likely not taking any of the stuff with me because if things go as planned, I’ll leave abroad for several years. Then again, it’s my home. And even if it’s only two years, it’s still somehow a long time. I feel comfortable here, it’s my home. But it could be more. So what I’m doing right now is looking for DIY projects that will not cost me a fortune and I also plan on looking out for flea markets to purchase some cheap but stylish accessoires for my beloved flat.

How much do you invest into your place? What makes you feel at home?

Magic Missioni

At Guilt Group, there is a M Missoni sale going on right now.  Eventhough my budget does really not at all allow me to even think about ordering one of the gorgous dresses, I atleast want to share my six favourites.  Some of them (I’m thinking especially the lightblue knit one) are really only made for the model types, but that doesn’t keep them from looking stunningly pretty.

missoni patch 1

I love black dresses. Why I like these? Well,

#1 one, it’s obviously the Missoni pattern. I just love it. It looks so fresh and is timeless. And will work always, because you can dress it up or down.

#2 screams party for me. Cocktail party with the girls, garden party with family and friends or maybe just dinner with your inner circle at home. What I love about it are the sleeves, the pattern, the way it flows… everything!

#3 is simple yet pretty, it would need some accessorising, but I’d wear it every day, it seems very versatile to me.

missoni patch 2

Obviously I have a thing for blueish things at the moment. Maybe because, combined with white, it’s just so summery.

#1 Stunningly simple. As mentioned above, you’d rather want to have the body of a model or atleast really really well defined curves to pull that one off, but I just love the colour, the pattern and the fit. It’s lovely. They had it in different colours but blue was really the only one that screamed LOVE! If I was in the lucky position to be able to actually wear (and afford…) it, it might serve well for lunch with the girls, meet up at N.’s and my favourite coffee place, visiting a gallery…

#2 Would have been the dress of my choice. I think it’s funny and fresh, yet somehow sophisticated. The collar is really nice and I think the belt wouldn’t even be that much of a problem because it’s not really… well, belting… It’s surely more on the casual side, so I’d consider it a superb summer dress for many every-day occasions, but it would also work for a nice garden party or a barbecue.  I’d definitely take it with me on holidays, no matter if it was a city trip or beach holidays.

#3 Definitely the sailor-appeal that pulled me with that one. It looks absolutely fresh and young. It’s simple, has clean lines and is absolutely chic. I’d love to be able to wear it, in town, on a sailing boat, for a lunch-out, having ice cream with the man of the moment…

Which one do you like best and where would you wear it?


I’ve been pretty quiet lately for several reasons. For once, I really didn’t have that much time some days,  and second, I’ve been very down for two or three days.  I just didn’t feel like spamming the journal with my whining, especially regarding my fitness-regime that did just blow up.

I just realized I’m no exercise-program person.  I just don’t like doing sports on my own. I’m a game person. I loved Volleyball in school, I could play for hours despite my lousy shape (yes I’ve never been Mrs. Athletic…). Then in elevens grade I had Tennis for one term. And I loved it. After being really really down the last days for various reasons, I finally decided that I need some change. I checked the local tennis clubs, and will draw in information about the one that caught my eye, plus will soon go to one of their get-to-know gatherings. I still have my racket from school-times and I really want to go back playing. I’ve been decent enough in our lessons so I guess I’m not a total hopeless case eventhough I’ll be starting from scratch.

Finding out that an exercise plan just isn’t my way to get back into a more active way and working out a solution to that is a big achievement, no matter how stupid that may sound. I already mentioned my wonder-woman issues. I get an idea, I decide to try it, I am convinced it HAS to work or else it means the end of the world. I am that dramatic. So to decided that this might just not be for me and change direction instead of skipping the plan altogether is good.

I’ll stick to my back-training, I’ve got five easy enough exercises that I can do within five minutes each morning. My back will thank me for that.

On a more pleasant note, I’ve been on the look-out for a new perfume during the last days since the two I’m using right now are running out.

I’ve got a favourite one for autum and winter, which is Burberry Brit.

I love it dearly.  I immidiately loved it when I tried it out the first time.  It’s main scents are lime, iced pear, sugared almonds. Addionally there’s mahogany, amber and tonka bean. It’s really really lovely and I feel it suits me perfectly, but it’s just not a very summery scent which is why I didn’t purchase a new one once I ran out of it. Will do so when autum comes.

For last summer, I bought Burberry Brit Sheer when I was in Turkey. It was just out fresh when I got my hands on it, and like with the basic Brit-scent, I fell for it. It includes pineapple leaves, yuzu, peach blossom, mandarin, peony, nashi pear, sweet pea, amyris wood, white musk, grapes and lychee scents, so it’s really fresh and a little sweet.

Guess there is not that much to say about that one. DNKY Be delicious. It is indeed delicious and I love it, but it’s over-worn. You smell it everywhere, so I’ll not be too sad when it’s gone.  It’s apple combined with tropical flowers and scented woods.

But, the new star scent-wise will be Thrill! by Joop. I went with N., a fashion-forward friend of mine with whom I met for a motivational coffee and cake in town since we both have to read alot for university right now. After that I persuaded her to enter the local chemist’s shop to check out the perfume section again (I had done so alone on Friday, but it’s much more fun when you can check out scents with someone else who also knows you well and can tell whether a scent fits you or not. It’s just like buying clothes).

After trying out what felt like every single perfume in store (and skipping a lovely fresh Biotherm one, which makes you smell like you’ve just freshly showered, a scent I like but do not necessarily strive for in a perfume) and a Ferragamo one (I love the Incanto series!), which I dismissed because I know that ultimately it’s too sweet and girlish to fit me, the last one I tried was the Joop one.

N. and me imidiately fell for it. It’s a combination of scents I wouldn’t have expected to appeal to me nor would they have come to my mind at first when someone had asked me what suited me. But it does. It’s peach, iris and vanilla.  A bit heavier than the Ferragamo one, not as sweet and just… thrilling. And I loved the package. It’s a killer pink, which I wouldn’t want to wear in clothing but find just perfect for a perfume package. I’m in love! (oh and I do realise that Sheer by Burberry does have peach in it, too. Apparently that’s something that appeals to me.)

It was about time for a new perfume. I always feel so good when I bought a new one. It’s a little change that just makes so much of a difference, don’t you think?