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This is farewell to this place.

If you want to find me, I’d kindly like to redirect you to my new home:

Thoughts in the City

Thanks for reading!

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time for moving on

The lovely Imogen from Inside out Style bloged three interesting links in her last post. They all talk about how one can win more readers and improve one’s blog in general. Eventhough I’m not really aspiring to earn my living with my bloging, I’d love to get a decent amount of regular readers. I enjoy writing, I like pondering different things and I enjoy sharing my thoughts.

What I so far ignored sucessfully is the fact that bloging, as any other hobby, isn’t only about fun. It’s also work. So while I spend a considerable amount reading through all different kinds of blogs nearly every day, I neglect my own. I’m not at all bloging regularly and if I do, the posts are not as coherent and interesting as they could be. In case anyone actually did put up with me up until now – I’m truly sorry!I vow to get better.

Since reading through those articles, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like my blog to be like. I started at this place here to write about a change that I wanted to happen within myself. A change in attitude and behaviour.  Since then, some time has passed. I realised, that I never really followed the agenda that I had set myself. Reading through the articles that I’ve posted I feel like I’ve forced myself into a role that is not mine. I’ve posted mainly about fashion. Which is just alright because I love and adore fashion and thinking about what to wear, shopping or flipping through fashion magazines definitely is part of my life. But it’s not all I think about, nore is it all I want to share and write about. Looking at the entries and regarding how I felt with bloging during the last weeks, I can safely say that I never really settled into this space. I never made it my own.

The result of all this contemplation is: I’ll close this place down and move on. I’ll open a new blog. A blog that reflects more diversity and will hopefully make me feel home.

I hope you follow me!

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