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time for moving on

The lovely Imogen from Inside out Style bloged three interesting links in her last post. They all talk about how one can win more readers and improve one’s blog in general. Eventhough I’m not really aspiring to earn my living with my bloging, I’d love to get a decent amount of regular readers. I enjoy writing, I like pondering different things and I enjoy sharing my thoughts.

What I so far ignored sucessfully is the fact that bloging, as any other hobby, isn’t only about fun. It’s also work. So while I spend a considerable amount reading through all different kinds of blogs nearly every day, I neglect my own. I’m not at all bloging regularly and if I do, the posts are not as coherent and interesting as they could be. In case anyone actually did put up with me up until now – I’m truly sorry!I vow to get better.

Since reading through those articles, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like my blog to be like. I started at this place here to write about a change that I wanted to happen within myself. A change in attitude and behaviour.  Since then, some time has passed. I realised, that I never really followed the agenda that I had set myself. Reading through the articles that I’ve posted I feel like I’ve forced myself into a role that is not mine. I’ve posted mainly about fashion. Which is just alright because I love and adore fashion and thinking about what to wear, shopping or flipping through fashion magazines definitely is part of my life. But it’s not all I think about, nore is it all I want to share and write about. Looking at the entries and regarding how I felt with bloging during the last weeks, I can safely say that I never really settled into this space. I never made it my own.

The result of all this contemplation is: I’ll close this place down and move on. I’ll open a new blog. A blog that reflects more diversity and will hopefully make me feel home.

I hope you follow me!

back from holidays

I have been away to Switzerland during the last days, thus my absence from blogging.  I’ll be away again from Saturday until Thursday, visiting my mum together with my sister.  It might be a good opportunity to blog about the concept of “home”, which has lately been covered in several blogs, also over at Deja Pseu’s, a great read as usual. I will take up the topic somewhen during the next days (eventhough I’ll be without internet at my mums place, but I might get around posting again tomorrow).

Today I’d like to present you with a recipe.  A good friend of mine will come over for dinner tonight, and I was thinking about what we could have for dessert. First, I went for a recipe by Jamie Oliver, mascarpone with summer berries. Unfortunately, the strawberries that were available looked more than miserable and I refuse to buy bad quality food. So I reconsidered and went for a classic: ice cream and fruit salad. Since the fruit salad turned out really awesome (if I’m allowed to say so) I thought I might share the recipe. Unfortunately I can’t provide you with a picture because my mobile phone refuses to connect with my laptop properly and only god knows where my (horribly old) digital camera has gone to.

peach and mango salad

2 not too ripe peaches

1/2 mango

juice of one lime and 1/2 lemon

a good splash of limoncello (you know, this lovely italian liquoer)

brown sugar to taste

Half peaches. Get rid of the stone, peel and thinly slice them. Peel mango with a vegetable peeler and then use the peeler to produce thin slices of mango directly from the fruit (that saves you the drama of trying to get the fruit seperated from the stone… always a big deal for me. Plus it has the advantage of nicely shaped fruit-pieces). Toss together in a bowl. Add lime and lemon juice. Season to taste with brown sugar and add a good splash of limoncello. Toss again and then put into the fridge for flavours to develope.

Serve pure or over ice cream of your choice. Mine will be served with chocolate ice cream since my friend is a chocolate junkie.

The salad is really easy to make and so refreshing. I really had to restrain myself from eating it up right away.

What’s your favourite dessert?

So, some weeks ago I started writing here because I wanted things to go a different way. I wanted new perspectives and approaches, more controle and a healthier and prettier me. Included was the wish to lose some weight because my body hasn’t been my best friend and most treasured feature during the last years.

Since life always has it’s own way, I didn’t really manage to be in controle as much as I wanted. I did not always prepare and pack lunch, I didn’t really always track what I ate, I did not get into a workout routine.

This morning, like nearly every morning, I stepped on the scale. I know, we are told not to bother that much because our weight differs naturally, it goes up and down on a daily basis and watching that might just make one depressive. It doesn’t do that for me, somehow it’s just a natural step because my scale is directly under the wash bowl and  I just nearly sleep walk onto it more or less every morning.  So I did today after getting out of the shower. I told me that within the last weeks, I must have somehow lost about five kilos. Ten pounds. I stepped off it, and back on. No change. It said 138 pounds. Since I did check the scale during the last weeks regularly, I did indeed realise that three of four pounds seemd to have gone, but this drop below the 140 pound mark was sudden and unexpected. I got dressed, and walked in front of my full mirror in the bed room. And took a good look. It’s true. I can see it. I DID lose weight. I just didn’t realise it.

How do things like that happen? We struggle and plan, we try to be in controle and make our lifes and actions perfect, and once we let go, many things just fall into place.

So I took a step back and considered the last weeks for a moment. Two weeks ago, I dedicated the first free weekend of my term holdiays totally to myself. I had some kind of spa day, including a semi-strict fasting period. I did drink a lot of water, tea and instand whey (vanilla flavour, REALLY yummie if you don’t put as much of the powder into one portion as they say you should, at least). Also some rice and vegetables. It all went really smoothly, I didn’t have headaches, it was just easy to not eat much and just relax. I didn’t really do it to lose weight, because we all know that after a short fast, whatever left your body usually comes back faster than you can say “i lost two pounds”. I just wanted to feel sort of cleansed. Which I did. Then some busy days started, visiting the cinema, having my best friend over and going flat hunting, and now I’m just back from a four day long snooker tournament that we watched. I did eat, I did not deprive myself, I had chocolate and cookies, beer, ice cream and cocktails. So how did that weight come off?

I think what made the difference was the mind set. Usually, when I tried to lose weight, I made very detailed plans how this was supposed to happen. I expected those plans to make things happen. Because they were there, I would not fail. But making plans doesn’t raise your conciousness. Having a meal plan ready at home doesn’t tell you to only buy one piece of this delicious looking cake eventhough you feel like starving and really really CRAVE the suggar. Once you bought two pieces, you’ll HAVE two.

I do not have a plan at the moment. Standing at the hall yesterday, I was really really hungry and I did want something sweet. They had about six different cakes, and they all looked delicious. I decided to have a piece of two different chocolate cakes, and even was already thinking about comming back after that for another helping. Then I stopped and started thinking. The cake pieces looked fairly big. I looked at them again closely and tried to find out which one I longed for most, and figured it out. I would have two pieces of it and be happy. I did not. What happend was, that my subconcious took over and I bought one.  I heard myself ordering one piece of the chocolate loaf cake and a cup of coffee. Found a place outside in the sun. Relaxed. Enjoyed the cake and coffee. And was good for the next four hours. No cravings, no hunger, nothing.

Eventhough I did not make detailed plans during the last weeks, I did think and read about food a lot. In a totally different way from former approaches. I did read about it because I love it and wanted to have more choices and a better awareness. Not to find out about calories and fat and what I had to forbid myself.

Allowing me to eat whatever I wanted stopped me from actually USING this freedom to a certain extend. Knowing that it was possible to go back for a second helping of cake made me stop after one because I was satisfied without feeling restricted.

The human mind is a true mystery to me.

Do you know situations where allowing yourself to do something actually helped avoiding it?

Inspiration for this polyvore comes from my new awoken love for (included) artist Holly Williams. I fell in love with her first album, The ones we never knew, right away when I first listened to it. It’s soothing, it has awesome lyrics and I just like every single song. No. I love every single song. I was hoping for a new album for quite a while, and when I did one of my occassional check ins at her homepage some weeks ago, alas! there it was. A shiny new album.

Now, it’s always difficult to enjoy a follow-up as much as you did the first album that got you hooked on an artist. It’s the same with Here with me. Not because the second cd is not as good. Far from it. But it’s different in some things. You still recognize her. She really has her signature on every of her songs. But it’s not the familiar sounds from The ones we never knew. Because it can’t. But you know what? I just can’t wait to fall for this album head over heels. And I know I will. Because Holly Williams is a fantastic artist. Her lyrics touch me. Her voice makes me feel calm, a little sad, but all in all generally satisfied.

What I came to enjoy about country in general is, that usually, the songs tell a story. They not only hint at something, but spell it out. Take Dolly Partons Coat of many colours (and yes, that song gets me everytime I hear it!). Or Tim McGraws My little girl (same story). I also love Martina McBrides I’ll still be me or In my daughters eyes. I’m not that much into “country country” (and now don’t make me explain that… it’s just… country that literally screams COUNTRY from the first tune. That’s just too much for my european genes, I guess), but I love country-esk elements.

Generally, listening to country just gives me a good, homy feeling.  It’s just always a little like cuddling up with your most beloved, ragged but still cosy wool blanket on a summer morning, watching the sun rise.  It’s music for the soul. Which can’t be bad, can it?

rethinking basics

I’ve once again neglected my littel fanshionable corner of the world. I apologize. Work and friends basically ate up my time and attention. But now I’m back.

I actually wanted to post about a major fashion disappointment plus an example about why money can’t buy you style, but got imidiate inspiration from another place and so I think, I will put of those two things until the next time.

I was aimlessly surfing the web when I came across Gwyneth Paltrow’s homepage Goop again. I had totally forgotten about it. I scanned several articles and one in particular caught my attention. You may read it here.

What she writes about there is basically the fact that usually, you do not have the freedom or the time to spend hours and hours pondering your outfits and your style. So she comes up with the term “uniform”. By that, she refers to a set of items that work well together and are versatile enough to basically bring you trough a day with several occassions without major changing and thinking involved.

What I like about the idea is, that it makes you rethink the term “basics”. We all use it and we all know what basics are, but still I think, their potential is underestimated. Especially the fact that even basics come in different shapes and styles and there’s still some thinking involved regarding what suits our bodyshape and personality best.

Once stacked up with our personal “basic uniform” it should become way more simple to include fashion statements and current trends, because you just have to add them up. The biggest advantage of basic pieces is the fact that they work for every style, for every occassion and there are a million different ways that you can dress them up.

There is another advantage that thinking through one’s basic wardrobe brings. Once you found out which items and colors are perfect for you, they’ll start to reappear, thus adding something like a signature to your style. I don’t mean being dull and always wearing the same. But if a v-neck is what makes you look best, if straight legged trousers flatter your bum and legs, if dark browns, blues or greys are much more your colors than blacks, that will create some kind of consistency in your daily appearance. It will constitute one important part of your own dresscode and thus will not only make dressing and being fashionable easier, but it will also make you unique.

Yesterday, I went over to Polyvore and just wanted to do one set. I ended up sitting in front of my pc till half past three in the morning and got back there this afternoon.

I felt like doing a bridal collage today and thought I might share it here. If you like, you can also leave requests, I’m happy to try out stuff on polyvore!

I bascially choose the dress because it really fits the set well. I love how it’s cut  and it’s flowing very nicely. But I’m not sure I really like the pattern. It’s sort of cute, but I don’t think I’d want to wear it. What about you?

While scanning through polyvore, I just realised that there was a set that I wanted to post here but then somehow I didn’t get around really doing this. While working at the library one or two weeks ago, I discovered that I can access polyvore on my work pc (many pages are disabled there). So, being at university, I thought I might as well do a day-to-day university outfit.

I really like how it came out and would love to wear it. What do you think?

Seeing this outfit reminds me that I desperately need a new pair of jeans, but so far, I haven’t seen anything I liked. And usually, if I do, they don’t fit or have horrible back pockets or strange colour details… Shopping for jeans really IS a pain!


Since I forgot to give a note of absence, I thought I might at least say hello now that I’m back.

I’ve been at my mums place for the weekend, park feast at the village I come from. It was okayish, eventhough I realised once again that I don’t really feel home there anymore. Maybe I’ve been away for too long, held a grudge against the place for too many years. I don’t know.

I hope to be back with more fashionable postings soon.


A picture I came across yesterday and a post from the always wonderful une femme inspired me to write some words on what I’d like to achieve once I’ve gone through the make over I want this summer to be.

french04picture via: design is mine

Even a little sketch can convey it. The ‘oh so french’ feeling that has you wishing imidiately that it could be so easy to look put together without trying too hard. Or at least it has me. French woman seem to have this. You look at them, and they radiate confidence and style. Everything about them usually looks just about right, as if it could not be any different.  It’s like our universe that’s called a Goldilocks universe, just because everything is just about right for us to exist.

What I hope to achieve is a look that is true to myself. True to the woman I feel I have become, true to my taste and to my body. If one day I manage to look like what I’m wearing was the obvious choice, because it is simply me and makes me look and act confident, then I’ll be fashionably happy.

Now I know that a good appearance will not solve any inner conflicts. It will not help to make your life any more productive if along with the outward changes there’s nothing going on on the inside. But that’s not what it’s about. I’ve been able to chase away many of the demons of the past. Yet, often I feel insecure or just not too happy when I’m out and about, simply because I feel that inside and outside are not in accordance. I’m not looking like me.

Yesterday, when I came back from the movies, I looked at a reflection of myself in the window of the tube and though: gosh, how boring. That’s not what I want to look like. That’s not me. I’m not boring. I’ve never been. I’m a pretty lively person, I love getting to know new things and new people, I’m open and I’m curious. I have my downs, but we all do, and they need not reflect on the outside.

Usually, the great make overs that you can see in newspapers or tv go like this: someone transforms his or her outside, and miraculously, the change on the inside follows suit. I’m not sure I’m buying that. While your outward change might help the matter, I don’t think it’s the key to get to terms with yourself entirely.

For me, it is the other way round. I’ve worked my way through many downs and in the end, came out of them. They are not all gone. They never will be. But I’m far from the young depressed girl that used to shield herself with harshness from the world just to have those walls come crashing down once alone somewhere. I’m probably the most positive, most head on and softest version of myself I’ve ever been, and I like that.

And I want it to show. I will tackle the task to bring out my personal french self, the Goldilocks-look. I think I chose the right name after all.

Belle IS  a telling name in this respect, isn’t it?